My Story: Choose Your Own Path App Reviews

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This game is really fun, just wish outfits were a bit cheaper

my own

I want to make my own story. But i can’t find out how. Can i not do that with this app?


Love this game!


Love the story line

A lot of money

I love the app but it’s a lot of money to play. The tickets and diamonds they give for free is not enough to play the game.


I love it

Fun but can’t buy gems or tickets

Won’t let me buy any gems or tickets


It’s ok until you absolutely have to use diamonds you don’t get a free choice and if you do it makes zero sense like a jogging outfit for a homecoming dance lol

Not Your Story

This is the developers story. Idk why they call it “my” story when my decisions don’t matter. Minor spoiler: I chose to go see Shawn, but the app basically said screw your decision, we’re gonna go visit Mark in the woods. That’s NOT what I picked. I immediately deleted the app. What’s the point of making a decision if the app can override it. And on top of the developer’s overriding the player’s decision, they also charge a ton of money. You have to pay to read a chapter, you have to pay per outfit, and sometimes you have to pay to choose one of the two options. Why is it like this!?! You guys didn’t invent the freakin’ wheel. This game could easily (if someone chose to spend the money) cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!! Just to READ A BOOK!!! It’s cheaper and more economical to get a “choose your own adventure” book from the library or the bookstore. These micro transactions are NOT worth the lazy story writing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! NOT WORTH IT!!!!!


I like the story lines, it takes too long to get access to the next chapter

Great, but...

The stories are amazing, but the cost of diamonds, and how many diamonds you need per chapter, is too much. You can't enjoy the story at all...


Fun but this game rips you off with tickets. One new ticket every hour, yet it only gives you one ticket, nothing more. Kind of stupid. How are we supposed to do more than one chapter if we get no tickets? Same thing with the gems too. So stupid.


Love the app, however I can’t finish my stories now because it glitches and shuts off when I try. Might delete if it doesn’t change soon.🙁


Definitely need a new way to come up with free tickets rather than waiting an hour or paying for it. Maybe it could be a free spin or something for a daily challenge and watching ad videos but one ticket per hour is a bit dreading.

Really fun app!

My biggest issue is how long it takes for new chapters to come out. And how expensive things are in the game. Editing because I was really hoping with this new update that at least some of the stories would have more chapters but I’ve been waiting over a month for new chapters and it’s getting pretty frustrating to be completely honest.

5 stars !

I love this app


I'm mad that there is no in abortion/morning after option for Mona. Plus could they could make the parents the same race. Clothes and certain options cost too much.


Why do we have to wait for tickets? Why do we have to pay for the good stuff with diamonds and the cool and fun choices with diamonds? That’s so unfair. Finish the old stories and then upload new ones. I’m still waiting for campus diaries. I’ve been waiting for campus diaries for months. Dang man this is so stupid. That’s why I only gave you four stars. You’re making episode sound way better and choices.


I love this game but I don’t like that you can rewear wardrobe choices again that you purchased already or at least make it easier to get gems.

No complaints

No complaints

Love the stories , BUT THE GEMS!

Over all I enjoy reading the stories! But the gems are soooo expensive & so are the tickets , I buy tickets from time to time.. but the gems are over the top! Can y’all find a better way to accommodate that? Pleaseee y’all gone make me go broke

Love story but...

I starting reading one of the stories and I got really into it. After a few chapters, I bought gems and tickets and since then the app hasn’t been working. It won’t even load after 10%. I totally wasted my money.


To many side effects when you Don’t choose premium choices


I love the app but I feel as if its not updated enough. I’ve been waiting on new stories forever as well as the current stories I’ve started reading to be updated. It almost makes me want to delete the app.

Love it

I love how you can speed up the time so u can get another ticket

It literally steals money from you.

May actually be a fake app. Should be removed from the store.


I love it

Love but now glitching

I loved this app, so much that I paid for the unlimited tickets and the next day (today) my story starts glitching and the app completely closes out. The app doesn’t need updated, and I’ve cleared my pages out and went back into the app and it does it again.

My story

This game would be better if you could get diamonds and tickets easier. They are too expensive to buy any. So you end up missing out on a lot of choices.


I absolutely love these types of games but I wish the options didn’t cost so much. If they had options for 1-2 coins then I’d be willing to willing to spend more money.. but the game is overall good




I love this game

Developers not caring.

I'm only putting this game on my phone to get some gems for another game then I'm deleting it. But it seems the same issue is across the board the cost of gems and the ticket wait time. I noticed that they also have an update but it still doesn't fix the issue that the actual game users are complaining about. I'm not sure they even care. The same automated response is listed on the ones they choose to respond to. You want them to listen Uninstall their game. There are other games out there that are cheaper and allow you to choose your fate.


I love every story

Need more ways to get diamonds...

Most ppl will not pay these prices for a story.. ads= diamonds duh...

No more tickets

I love the game, I love it but I don’t like waiting to only get 1 ticket every hour or so. Why can’t we read it without a ticket. I think that’s a bogus that we only get one ticket every hour.... should change that and how we have to pay gems for clothing and more. It’s hard and tbh don’t think is right

Mona :(

It’s aight but who the hell wants to wait a day to earn one measly ticket. At least on the game choices you earn a new key two hours after you use one. Too much waiting I can’t remember what’s even going on in the story. Why would I buy tickets when the story is lame af

My story

This game is fun, & relaxing

My story

Its a fun app but the cost for gems is ridiculous and they say new chapters every week is a lie. you have wait until almost a month for them to add new stories or continue the one you already on .

The Mona Series

I started to read in the Mona series and I’m so into it I can’t stop reading it is so good

You do not choose your own story

This game is a flop, it forces you to choose what they want you to do. Like in the first book you get no option not to sleep with Mark . He’s forced in your life , and you do not get to choose weather you want to keep the baby or put it up for adoption there is no real choices you are literally forced to do what ever the game makes you do -.- it’s compleat garbage !!

Pretty interesting

I like it so far

My story

This would be the best game ever if the cussing wasn’t prevalent and if you were still earning tickets after making a purchase. I purchased the ticket package and thought I would still earn my tickets every hour. This is the only game I have ever invested in because I truly enjoy it but I do think you should allow the hourly tickets to still be given after purchases.

Love it

Love it

Best game EVER

I literally love this game! It littered stayed up the whole night playing this game! I want to buy tickets, so much a lot, but I don’t. I wait. But I still love this game so much. It’s so attractive.

I like it

But y’all could give more tickets out you only get one ticket and when you finish you have to what until the time is up to get another ticket to read again I like it but it could be better


I think tat is great but the tickets are stupid because you get so pulled into the story that you don’t want to stop.

I like this app but....

I really enjoy this game.... but I wish we didn’t have to wait an hour to get another ticket to read another story, or that we have to use all the gems if we wanna try a different version of the story.... and with the clothes... they should honestly all be 10 gems or less.... and please update the stories... and come out with more to read! I like this app better than the others they have out there but I’m getting bored with it because I hate having to wait for a ticket... I don’t have the actual money to just blow on buying tickets for a game... it would really be nice to have the free options instead.


It’s a good game over all and you have so many choices to choose from but I wish you could watch videos to earn more tickets so you don’t have to wait 30 minutes for one ticket. They should have 3 more tickets every hour or so. It’d be so much appreciated it but it’s a good game over all.

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