My Story: Choose Your Own Path App Reviews

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Good app

More please!!!

I’m absolutely in love with the Mona series, please come out with more!!!

I love this game, and don’t like it

I love the part where you can read stories and make it up as you go, but I don’t like that you have to pay for it. You have to pay to do a chapter for a ticket, and once you run out you have to wait an hour to get another one. As well as paying for the chapter, you also have to pay for the outfits. If you want an outfit you need to pay for it with gems and sometimes you don’t have enough. But, other than the paying for the chapter, and outfit I love the fact that you can make up the story as you go.


I think MyStory is the best app on earth! I would rate infinity stars If I could

Fun Game but...

I really don’t want to spend money just to play it....

Fun gamezzz

Fun to play with not to eat!

My opinion

It's very fun but I don't like how you have to buy gems and tickets.

i love this game but

I love this game but i really wish we were able to choose choices without having to pay over 20 gems. We should only have to pay around 5 gems or 10 at the most.


I love this game, but waiting for tickets is ridiculous. And the cost of the gems?4.99 for 25, which you’ll use in one chapter. It’s not worth that. Make some improvements on cost and tickets and maybe it would be better. But i keep losing interest having to wait an hour to read one chapter.

Gems and Tickets

I think the option should not be 25 gems, even 12 is much, either lower the price, or we can earn 5gems after completing a chapter. Also, when I watch the vid for the ticket, IT DOSENT SPEED UP! Please fix that otherwise I love this game!

A review

I love this app because,you can read so many awesome books and I love them sooo much no one knows I love the book they are so intrasting!!!!😄😄


I’ve been reading the Mona series and I hate having to wait an hour in between every chapter, it’d be nice if the wait time was less. I understand the need to do it, so that they can have ads and make money but it take me 3-4 days to read one chapter! I just wish there was a way to lessen the amount of wait time😕

i’m not paying for tickets

We should have more than one ticket . Some of the stories are really interesting and I can’t get in to it like I want to because i only have one ticket !

It’s good...

It’s good but i don’t like waiting this long to get another ticket. Time shouldn’t be so long

Why chapters

Chapters are horrible in this story

Love it

I wish it would go chapter after chapter but we have to wait for only one ticket you should at least give us two or more other than that everything is perfect

I’m not a stalker

I like this game but please stop makeing me pay stupid tickets for money. I want to see what happened if she gets married or gives birth this


I got into the Dear Mona story and when I got to the last book chapter 9 it will not let me read it. When I try to it closes out the app.

Awesome, but...

I love the game, but I can only do one chapter at a time because of that ticket thing, and I don’t want to pay or wait one hour, and please can all of the books be the full book, I’m reading the book internet connection, but it’s not the full book, and why does sometimes the option that you really want to pick always cost diamonds, I mean I always have to pick the boring option instead, same with the outfits, you literally only have one option. Besides all of the cons, let’s think about the pros. You can choose your character an your story, there are so many books to read, that you always have something to do, and the game creators update the game weekly, and what I thought think is best is that its like Ken a real book, it has a title, the most popular book , dear Mona, has a series, and there are a lot of chapters, with a sentence or two about the chapter.

I wish

I wish we could have more options for our person plz change that



The story

This ame is ok

Ticket time

Wish I had more ways to get tickets

Doesn’t really give you choices.

This game is very selective. You can only “choose” an option once per chapter. And the only way you can make any other choices is if you spend real money on purchasing more diamonds! I feel as if I’m not given the role-playing freedom I was seeking to play in the game, I’m only able to role-play what is free.

More tickets

Wish they would give more than one ticket it gets annoying waiting

Forbidden love

It was amazing I absolutely loved it

Love it but

I love this app but it keeps freezing and I lose a ticket every time


I don’t like the fact that you have to wait a hour for ONE ticket at least give the readers 3 or 4 complimentary tickets!

It’s basically not a “CHOOSE your own story?”

THESE PROBLEMS NEED TO BE FIXED!!!!! Ok, here are the things that are wrong with the game 1. You have to pay 25 gems to CHOOSE the things that you would absolutely love the character to do. 2. There are only two ways to EARN gems, watching a video (this option barely shows up) or reading a chapter of a story, and that only gives you one gem!!!! 3. You have to wait an hour for ONE pass, really? I get that the producers of this game want money, but an Hour??? 4. 50 gems cost $4.99 if you bought this you were basically scammed, because the only thing you can do with 50 gems is choose two special things. 5. This is my FINAL STRAW!!! The first story I read was called Dear Mona, on the cover there is a pregnant woman and two shadows in the back. This story was obviously about a love triangle and not knowing who the father was. I absolutely loved one of the potential fathers and didn’t like the other one so much, but I didn’t even get to CHOOSE the father!!!! 6. I know this might be a weird complaint, but in the next Dear Mona series book you don’t get to customize the mom, in the first book you would be able to CHOOSE the mom’s look and name but in the second book it doesn’t let you CHOOSE! It just changes her name to Gina and you aren’t even sure if that’s her!(but it is her!) Here are the good things with this game (sort of) 1. You can watch a video to speed up the time until you get a ticket but this opportunity only comes up once in a while. 2. You can get ONE gem by watching a video that barely comes up, you can also read a chapter of a story and get ONE gem. 3. Other than ALL of the problems the stories are great and really get you into the characters life. But you don’t really get to CHOOSE the outcome.


This game is a great game with good stories but there should be an easier way to get tickets.

My story

I just wish this app gave more tickets:(

We should have at least 2 tickets

I love this game but i don’t like getting 1 ticket and have to wait 53 min to start a new chapter when some of them are really short so that’s basically a whole ticket wasted

Awesome game

To good to be true I had no problems


I think it’s completely insane you have to wait an hour for a ticket and they don’t build up to get a max number like 3.

Luv it

Luv this freaking game😘😘😘


If I’m being honest there is no variety to how you look in the game. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal to some people but it makes me somewhat upset. The story ideas are good but that really bothers me.

Best game ever

The story named dear,Mona is so interesting I love it 😍 thanks so much for making this game🤣😂🤣😂

My story

This game is awesome I love all the little tiny details it has

It's cool but too many bad things

I love this game but honestly I don't like the swearing or drinking in it. Otherwise it's a good game.

Great game but....

I hate that you only get one ticket to watch the stories and then you have to wait a hour to get another ticket and they only give you the option to speed up time sometimes. We need more than one ticket to be able to read several chapters before running out. Nobody wants to pay for tickets.

It's okay 😬😬

I haven't played but the ratings are bad 😬😬


This game never started! It would get to 75-100% and then closed! Several times!! Deleting.

Good stories but...

Good stories but only getting one ticket over and over again gets old after awhile and having to wait 58 mins to read the next chapter is annoying!

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I love this game I totally recomended


I like this game,but when I first got it it took 30min to load and can you fix that glitch if that's okay c:

My Story Is Races

I think this game is races because on the front cover of the game the African American person has a red eye and the white person has a blue eye . Why does the black person has to be evil ? I’m a white young lady and I don’t believe this is fair .


I love this app! Only gave it 3 stars because of the wait time for the next chapter and that when I watch the videos to speed it up they don’t work.


Hi!This app is really really fun!I love reading the stories.But there is to things that bother me.How you have to wait an hour to get 1 ticket.Can you please make like an add so we can earn tickets.Also can you lower the price of paying for diamonds.I mean like how crazy is it to pay $4.99 for 50 diamonds.But other then that I love this app and the storie😁😜


Great game

Why I Put One Star

Who cares about Mark he hurt her and they are done but Shawn is nice not rude like Mark.When she needed someone he came that’s why I put one star.

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