My Story: Choose Your Own Path App Reviews

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Not enough chapters

I love this app and the stories but unfortunately I get to the point that I read everything and have to wait weeks until new chapters or stories are available even though this app claims to have new chapters weekly.

Very good

Good P. S. I need some more diamonds


All they want is your money, you have to buy gems and tickets for everything, there’s no way to earn them for free


Too much charges for a simple game

Could be better

Like the stories, but I hate that if I’m not wearing a premium outfit that everyone thinks I look like a potato. I also have been watching the speed up ads and they aren’t working. I finish the ad, click out and time doesn’t change :/ What’s also upsetting is that you only get one ticket at a time, other apps like this have a refill of 3, so if you’re offline and come back you can get thru a couple chapters but no not with this one 🙃


Chapters are way too many and way to short!

Eh ok

It's okay.


Love it. Keeps me on edge

Really interesting lol


Mona Series

I am so engaged in the Mona Series. It’s a great read, very well written, fantastic characters, and loads of fun. How can anyone not love this series?

Pointless app unless you want to spend a ton of $$

This app requires gems and tickets. While the tickets arent too hard to earn gems are. Outfits cost usually 10-25 gems plus there’s multiple outfits changes per chapter. Then you have to PAY with gems for certain decisions. That defeats the whole purpose of you deciding the story, and if you cant afford certain outfits the characters may even insult yours for what they’re wearing. Just stupid

High priced and limited on options unless you spend a lot of money

I idea is cool for real but to have to buy your way through the storyline.... I get trying to make money and what not but the options takes a lot of diamonds and the only way to get diamonds and tickets are to purchase and you can’t keep the outfits you buy the diamonds for... usually an app will have a way to get the diamonds or tickets in a more inexpensive way like working towards a goal to get some help getting them instead of purchasing everything.. other games at least you would be able to watch a video or something other than money sucking the storylines are cool and the idea it neat but that’s about it..

It WAS fun

I used to love reading these books and it was becoming addictive. Unfortunately as a previous reviewer said, They do try to get you to buy diamonds to bring about either a better twist to the story, Give your character nicer outfits etc.. that’s a bit ridiculous but I managed thru all that & still enjoyed it. What I’m really not happy about is I purchased the unlimited package that gets taken out of my account on a regular basis & it’s been well over a month & a half & at least 8 books have yet to receive any new chapters. I sent a message and have yet to receive a response. Why bother reading any of their books if you can’t finish them? By the time they update it I won’t even remember the story or the characters anymore. 😡

Everything Comes With A Price

I started playing this game and was instantly addicted. The stories are great, truly enjoyable, BUT they try to get you to pay for absolutely everything. You need tickets to read every chapter. You’re only given one ticket every hour or so after reading one chapter and then randomly given more for completing tasks, BUT to read unlimited chapters or get more tickets of course you have to pay out of pocket for it. Then within the story they give you a choice of a free outfit for your character to wear (which is always horrendous) or other outfits you can pay for with diamonds. Collecting diamonds is nearly impossible as well, unless of course you pay for more. And the diamonds can be spent without effort. Clothing options, even decision making. Does your character want to confront her lover or ignore him ? Pay 25 diamonds to confront him and it’s free to ignore him. Like, what if I wanted to confront him? I don’t want to keep buying diamonds to make decisions I really want to make within the story. So I’m changing the course of the story or picking basic outfits I’m not a fan of because it costs to make any of those decisions. What’s also frustrating is when you choose the free outfit, other characters in the story insult you for it and then they give you a second chance to go back to the closet and change into outfits that cost diamonds. Same thing with certain decisions. “Are you sure you don’t want to know what’s in store? Yes (free) No (25 diamonds).” Of course I want to know what comes next but no I don’t want to pay to know it. I want to keep playing. But my frustration about tickets and diamonds is making it difficult.


Omg the main characters in all the stories are girls some boys like rpg and choose your own adventure games to but if your a girl wanting a dramatic game this is it but I think it’s fun but add more things for boys please

It ok yes just ok

I love playing till it charges me for gems and I run out of passes gems cost for everything

Just too expensive

It was good tho.

So so

The stories are interesting but you have to wait at least an hour between each chapter to keep reading unless you want to purchase tickets with real money. That’s the only downside I have seen so far

Mad dog M.

So fun and addictive with so many cool stories!

Must download

Super fun game!!!! I’m addicted 😏

This is a good app

So.... I like the app but it needs work. First of all there are not enough story’s. I want a lot of options. Second, the diamonds are hard to get. Other than that I 😍 love the app.

My review

Love this storyline just wish the game gave more tickets to read more chapters!

Like it!

Pretty good game, like Episode. Just have to use more diamonds than in Episode.


Not enough tickets.

It's a pretty cool app

I just don't like how you have to pay for every cute outfit


First of all, it’s so slow. Second I can’t download anything. It’s really annoying to have to wait for hours. The story’s are ok.

Don’t waste your time

This game is only fun if you have a lot of money to spend on jewels. In order to make any important decision you have to buy jewels.




It should be a way to watch videos for more tickets and diamonds

Money hungry developers

I only gave it a one star simply because of the cost. It’s really sad that you can’t even get to another chapter without BUYING a ticket. It’s sad that you don’t own any of the outfit that you paid for. It’s sad that they don’t even have the decency to start you off with a certain amount of free gems and ticket. I literally refuse to be taken for my hard earning money for this game. If it wasn’t for the developers being money hungry this would be a great game. I hope they change that so I can continue to play.


Time in between receiving a new ticket is too long. After so many chapters, the amount of tickets warned should also increase!

Not enough choices

Not enough choices for me to make and the choices it gives you have to use a ton of diamonds. This should be free... and if not then there should be more choices to make that don’t involve diamonds.

Sweats to prom?????????????

The game story is entertaining, but they want you to buy gems to buy STUPID. It gives you the option to wear sweats to prom, or pay actual money to wear a dress. How stupid the creators of this game are pathetic and just trying to get money, which I’m sure they aren’t cause who is gonna pay for a game like this LOL


Not enough diamonds or tickets you have too wait too long


Good app

It's cool

It's cool I guess

Great time passer

I like it’s a great time passer

More tickets

The stories are interesting, but I don’t like that I only get one ticket at a time. I hate that I have to wait just to read another chapter

Fun but disappointed

Really fun game with intriguing stories but Im getting irritated waiting to play with only receiving 1 ticket everyday . It’s hard to pick any good answers or outfits without a more convenient way to get diamonds. I’m not spending my money on a game like this . That’s the only option to really enjoy it.


This game is unrealistic and the fact that it charges you way too much money for Gems and tickets and you don’t receive an ample amount. May I remind you this is a virtual game and not a real life story so everything should be relatively cheap you didn’t have to build anything with cement and wood


The game is def money hungry. It used to allow to wait and earn up to 4 tickets at a time. Now it’s 1 so one chapter an hour. Very unpleasant

Great game

My story is a wonderful game!!! But I hate you have to wait so long for a ticket.


I enjoy this but I wasted so much money just trying to figure the stories out . I think it’s unnecessary to charge so much for tickets or gem . We (us teens) don’t have a lot of money.

Advice and one thing that makes me mad!

My advice is to give more then one ticket at a time. I suggest three tickets at a time. I also suggest not making people pay diamonds to start the second books. The thing that makes me mad is when I watch a video it doesn't give me my time off that I was supposed to be awarded. Please fix that I hate it so badly! Overall I love the game! Thanks!


keeps me occupied i just wish there were ways to get tickets and diamonds for free more often hate spending money

Tickets and gems

I like the game the stories are great but I only get one ticket and you always spend gems for everything

Fun, but...

I find that a lot of things happen without a choice, and the clothing options cost too many diamonds.

Fun, but expensive

As a teen I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this game. You need gems to do everything! I can’t enjoy the game as much as I want to!

Love it

Just finished the Whole Series Of Dear Mona, when will they release more? Update: Why do I only get 1 ticket now? I used to get 3 tickets to keep reading and now I have I only receive 1!!!!

Game of the year

I have approximately 30,000 hours on record of this game. I’ve spent over 10,000 dollars on Gems because in the first episode I learned (no spoilers) that looking your best is important to the story, and the plot. 15/10 would spend life savings on again.

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